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Ready, Set, Cater!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

It's hard for me to believe that the last time I posted was last August!

Of course, if you were on our mailing list, we weren't completely out of touch as I "barraged" you with our Pickup Menu news. Thanks to you all for your patronage. It really sustained us financially and personally to cook for you and see you when you came by to pick up!

A lot has happened over the past year, and I have been reflecting upon it. It's a lot to absorb and I might share with you my thoughts in the future. However, I'd like to make this post about our catering company. We are in the party business, and you'll be happy to know we are catering again and we are busy!

We are glad to say that love didn't take time off during Covid. In fact, we are catering A LOT of weddings this summer-weddings postponed from 2019, large post-2020 marriage celebrations, and 2021 weddings with guest lists that are getting bigger and bigger. We are also happy to put some large fundraisers for our community and our regular cocktail party and barbecue celebrations on the books.

Here are a few shots from a beautiful wedding we catered recently:

The return to catering has had its challenges, as we were suddenly given the green light to cater again and given changing rules for doing it, and, like restaurants, didn't have a full staff. However, after some networking and a bit of luck, we hired some excellent professionals to fill out our Team.

First of all, we welcome Brian Heitz as our new Catering Chef. Brian is originally from Hamilton but has spent the past. years in Vail Colorado working for The Four Seasons. There is a "Colorado connection" at TSH because several of us have worked, ski/boarded, and lived out there. We hope Brian will feel at home with us!

We also welcome Amber Fritsch to our Events Team as our new Catering Sales and Events Manager. Many of you know Amber from her days working with Tim and Paul at Singing Beach Club, and of course, from her time at Myopia Hunt Club. She is an old friend and one of the best Events Professionals on the North Shore. We are so happy to work with her again!

We have also taken on a new apprentice in the kitchen, Gene DeVries, the grandson of one of our oldest friends and clients, Don Sohn, and nephew to our friend and client Pam Mehlman. Gene contacted us looking to learn more about the business. After graduating from Appalachia State and working for a restaurant in North Carolina, he has moved up here to work with us this summer. Welcome, Gene!

We are also delighted to have back our talented Catering Chefs Anna Aguiar and Katie Vitale, our Designer. We have missed them, but they have been busy being a full-time Mom to 3-Year-old Amalia for Anna and renovating and designing a new mountain rental property for Katie. Check out a few of Katie's latest, fabulous arrangements for a bridal brunch:

Our return to catering would not be possible without the continuous hard work, creativity, and dedication throughout the pandemic of our Partner, Paul Ten Hope, our Executive Chef, Dave Comprosky, our Catering Sales Manager, Sita Greelish, our Book Keeper Judy Pallatroni, our Catering Chef, Greg Kunath, and of course, our Jack of All Trades, Sam Lounsbury. They are the core of our Team and we are so grateful for them!

Thanks again for your continuous support and business. We are happy to say we will see some of you soon!

Let's Party!

Chris & Tim

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