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TSH Spring Newsletter 2022

The world news can sometimes immobilize me. I do take time to think about what's going on and it scares me. There is just one horrible thing after another.

I ask myself, what can I do to help? Yes, I've donated a bit of money to help causes important to me and I will certainly vote in the midterms for the candidates who can affect real change. I've marched and posted signs. What else can I do? I think about that all the time. Although the news shifts from one crisis to another, I try to remember all of the causes important to me and everyone, and that I have a lot to be thankful for and things to look forward to! Life goes on.

The business is "hopping" again (yes, pun intended!) and we are fully staffed with fresh young faces, including our own kids, Caroline "Cole" Hopkins, who is baking and serving, and Will ten Hope, who is packing and serving. These kids are our "babies"; the third ones to graduate high school and head off to college: at the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School, and the University of New Hampshire, respectively. How did the time go by so quickly? It seems like just yesterday we were having Caroline's Spy Birthday Party at the kitchen to celebrate her turning 5! Oh well, needless to say, we are very proud of our kids!

It's also been great to see our annual fundraisers return. We are booking weddings into next year and our phones are ringing! Our sales office is freshly painted and our fleet of trucks is newly lettered. Our menus are refreshed and delicious. Our Team is ready for a busy season!

We will be even busier in the future because we are happy to announce a new exclusive relationship with Cape Ann's Marina in Gloucester. We are now the exclusive caterer for events at the Waterfront Pavilion (capacity 150) and Compass Room (capacity 40). Both locations have beautiful views of the Annisquam River, which you can enjoy while eating our award-winning food. And if that isn't enough, for fans of National Geographic's hit show Wicked Tuna, the Waterfront Pavilion is located right near to where the boats come in and shove off! Now wouldn't that be a sight to see during your wedding reception?

Finally, we are happy to say Tim continues to recover and is doing well. He is back to work full-time and has been practicing pilates weekly over at Precision Pilates with my sister Giglia Harlamert. He has also returned to the golf course and is going on a fishing trip over the long weekend. Most of all, he is enjoying cooking again for you and being back out in the world, seeing all of his friends and family who have supported him over this past year.

Jack is completely recovered and is now realizing his dream to travel, by riding his bike and eating incredible street food all over Europe! Thanks to many of you who made that possible by hiring him to detail your car or to provide a ride to the airport! So far, he has visited Portugal and Spain and is now in France. He is actually attending the French Open tennis tonight! Needless to say, he is having a lot of fun!

We hope you have a fun Spring, too! Try to keep positive and celebrate what is good in your life. And if you need help with the party, we're here for you!

Our Best,

Chris, Tim, Paul, Dave and the TSH TEam

Go Tim!

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