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-    S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y   P O L I C Y   -


Sustainability is very important to us.  We have tried to be eco-friendly in every way we can, while remaining profitable. We do not own our building so our decisions about building sustainability are subject to our lease.  However, this is is what we have been practicing for many years and we are continually looking for new ways to improve!


  • Our food is purchased locally, when available and in season, from companies and farms that believe in sustainable practices.

  • We compost our food scraps.   Chef Dave uses the food scraps to feed his chickens and Chef Greg uses the compost to fertilize his flower and vegetable gardens.

  • We recycle everything we can in-house.  At your request, we will facilitate off-site recycling by coordinating pick-up and drop-off of recyclables.

  • We encourage the use of our own our own glassware, plates and silverware which is reused.   If you would like disposable, biodegradable dinnerware, we can provide it as well.

  • Our leftover cooking oil is converted into biodiesel.

  • Our catering kitchen is fully lighted with LED bulbs.

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