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Catering during Covid-19

I'm sure you've heard on the news that the restaurant industry has been particularly hit hard by the Corona Virus, and catering businesses are no exception. We have had to cancel and postpone events, lay off employees, apply for loans and unemployment, ask for breaks on paying our bills and figure out how to restructure our business for pickup only.

We are very lucky, however, that we have great friends, understanding clients, work partners and family who have come to our rescue with suggestions and assistance to get all of this done. We also have an experienced skeleton crew who are no strangers to stepping up in crisis situations and getting it done!

On a personal level, we have family members who have been sick, quarantined and have passed due to the virus.* We also have relatives and friends who are health care workers and front line workers. (We are sure many of you have a similar story. ) It is a very scary time but we feel lucky we have our work to keep moving forward.

Our work is valuable to us, not only as the means to support our families but also as a way to be creative, resourceful and kind. We love cooking for you and have enjoyed hearing your positive responses to our dinners and offerings. We especially love it when you share your pictures and stories with us! It brightens our day and keeps us going!

Thank you and stay safe!

Chris & The TSH Team

*An important note: Please be assured that we have not been near or have had physical contact with any of these victims.


Pictures- stories and credits.

  1. A local doctor bought and brought dinner to his dialysis unit staff who are working around the clock.

  2. Chris Bevalaqua, Director of the Ipswich YMCA, assembles dinners with us, to deliver to the needy, all made possible by an anonymous donor who gives $2,000 a week to local restaurants to make the meals.

  3. Our nephew Carson Clayton enjoys his crab cakes, but definitely loves the mashed potatoes better!

  4. Our friend and professional photographer, Alyse Gause, surprised her family with a dinner and a beautiful cherry blossom table scape! Thanks for donating the gorgeous shots, Alyse!

  5. Our Chef Dave Comprosky is a community leader who prepares meals for the needy every week.

  6. A board member of the YMCA, donated 7 gift certificates to her organization's leaders, and at the same time helped us with her business.

  7. Thank God, my sister Giglia has recovered from the virus! Here she is in her usual fun and giving style, doing an online 80"s themed workout for others at home before she became sick.

  8. Tim and Dave doing what they do!

  9. Kikoy masks delivered by our buddy Chris Welles. Join American Rhino's Kikoy Reusable Mask project.

  10. And finally, there is no picture for this, but a regular client and friend gave us a gift of $2,000 and also booked two parties. There are no words for such generosity!

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