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Acts of Kindness

The counselors on tv suggest thinking about the things you CAN control versus thinks you can't right now. It's hard to do especially when the fate of your business is in the hands of the government which has not responded to any of our loan applications. We are suspended in time, doing a curbside pickup t business, which is good for now, but unsustainable for our future. We are in limbo.

Yet, when I reflect on this uncertain time about what has transpired in the past few weeks, I am reminded of how many wonderful co-workers, customers, friends and family we have. So many of you have reached out with kind words of support and advice, posted great reviews and pictures, purchased gift cards, worked hard with suspended pay & ordered from our pickup menus! We really appreciate it.

Speaking of appreciation, a funny thing happened to our family this week, our teen-aged daughter Caroline was asking what was for dinner (again), and it occurred to me to place an order with TSH. Now I know, that might seem very obvious to some of you, but it isn't always obvious to me. I've been busy figuring out how to manage the pickup business online and getting the word out, and dinner was the last thing on my mind. Anyway, we looked at the menu and picked the Chicken Piccata AND the Seared Tuna. Why not!?

The next week, I was leaving the office, when I suddenly remember that I had an order, too! I went into the walk in and there were my bags all packed with TWO dinners. I felt like I had won the lottery!!

I went home. (Tim was still working. He has been putting in long hours, and actually has been chopping up so much chicken he has sprained his wrist!) Caroline and I chose the Chicken Piccata. I poured myself a glass of wine and into the oven it went. After 25 minutes, it was done. We sat at the counter, and OMG it was SO GOOD! Now, you might think I am used to Tim's cooking after all of these years, but I am NOT. It always surprises me how talented he is. Caroline and I ate in silence, savoring our feast.

As we were finishing our meal, Tim walked in the door. I suddenly felt like clapping and so did Caroline!!

Tim is not on the front lines, but he does provide an essential service. He feeds us. And with his beautiful food, he shows his love.

Thanks, Honey,

We love you, too.

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