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Tim's Famous Crab Cakes for You to Make

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

If you know Tim's food, you know his crab cakes are to die for. They are full of fresh Jonah crab with just the right amount of seasoning and breadcrumbs to keep them together. He does them as a passed hors d'oeuvre, 2 inch, medium sized as an appetizer and 3 inch, large for an entree. Served with a Remoulade Sauce, they are guaranteed to be a favorite at any party!

We thought you all might like the RECIPE. Of course, his recipe is for 50 plus crab cakes but I halved it for you! (Thank goodness for the Google Volume Converter!)

Let us know how they come out, and of course, if you'd like us to make them for you, give us a call!

Enjoy the weekend!

Chris and Tim

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