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A New Catering Season Begins

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Spring marks the beginning of a new catering season. Our school and nonprofit clients have their annual fundraisers. Our "snowbird" clients come back up north, excited to plan their summer parties. Our first wedding happens. Our Team has taken our vacations, finished our projects both at work and at home and are now excited to premiere new menus and to execute all of the parties that were planned over the winter! We are ready to go!

One of the most gratifying projects I worked on this winter was updating our website. I gathered pictures from everywhere I could, from social media, our chef's and designer's phones and professional shots from wedding photographers. Thanks to the improved quality of the camera on the i phone over the past couple of years, I was so happy to see that there were lots of beautiful ones to choose from!

These weren't just pictures, though. They were representations of our body of work which has been immense! Our Team has catered parties all over New England, in all sorts of weather and locations, for all sorts of people. Through it all, our food has always been, fresh, beautiful and imaginative . The servers, chefs and bartenders have worked so hard to provide the best service. I am so proud of our Team.

If you haven't visited our website lately, please do!

  • Check out our Team page to see who's new at TSH.

  • Chef Dave has created some delicious new brunch menus on our Eat page.

  • There are new Photo Albums featuring our food, bars and design.

  • We even have a new page with Videos of our parties and employee high jinx!.

We hope it will inspire you to plan a party with us!

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