Let's Take Politics Off the Table And Enjoy the Feast!

Updated: Jan 8

Well, life has gone on after the election. I have personally been dealing with my own disappointment and fear, by discussing the result with Tim, my sister Dacia, the women at work, my pizza delivery man, etc. I have been trying to understand why people I like voted for President Elect Trump, by talking to them. I have learned they have their own good reasons. (This is the first time I have typed his name and title together. I have yet to say them!) . I am trying to be optimistic about the future of our country and to "move on". My Facebook friends and the Hillary supporters inside and outside of the Pantsuit Nation Group have been helpful, too!

I am watching the news again. (I took a few days off, escaping into my work and movies.) . The news scares me, especially the stories of hate crimes. This election has given freedom to the haters in this country. Just this week, my own son's concert was picketed by radical Christians condemning him to hell, because he is in a Queer Punk Rock Band. This scares me to death!

I am not going to hide, though. I believe it is time to act. I am personally going to try to be a little kinder, and to do some more good in this world. I am also going to give more to women's causes. I am going to try to make this world the place I want to live in!

Which brings me to Thanksgiving. What if we make the Thanksgiving Table a politics free zone? It would be nice to have a break, and to enjoy the company of our family, friends and some delicious food! (Didn't we have OTHER things to talk with each other about before the election? Sure we did!) .

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday here at TSH. After preparing a feast for 800 people for one of our favorite business clients, we take the day off! Tim makes his mother Rita's Sausage and Apple Stuffing for the crowd, and I make it for our family.

Here's the recipe from Tim! Yup, that's my writing. I watched Rita make it and took meticulous notes!

It makes enough to stuff a large bird, plus a large casserole full, on the side, for turkey sandwiches! (The best part!) Bake the casserole at 350 degrees for about 1/2 hour, or until it is golden on top.

Any questions, just ask!

The "brown meal" as our son Ben lovingly calls it, is the ultimate in comfort food! I think we all need a little comfort right now! It's time to feast!

Happy Thanksgiving!


All of us at TSH Catering

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