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Harnessing The Power of Sharing Food

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The Human Power of Sharing Food

The success of an event, is not a foregone conclusion. Nor is it determined only by the food or decor or the service, but by the degree to which the invited are disarmed, feel welcome and feel human.

Fact is, there is no more powerful activity humans can do together than share wonderful food. For hundreds of thousands of years, sharing food has been the way we celebrate and strengthen alliances. Even today, apes are seen sharing food with unfamiliar apes for this reason. It's why "The Last Supper" was not "The Last Game of Marbles." It's why Thanksgiving is one of America's favorite holidays.

There is power in the act of sharing food. We know this from tradition and from science. And that is why our food preparation, presentation, and way it is served are all critical to the TSH Catering Experience.

The preparation begins with creative inspiration. Each plate is an idea designed to provoke the least hungry among us.

The presentation of each plate stimulates human curiosity, trial, conversation, and then the real magic, sharing. But it doesn't end there.

The servers represent all that is good about humanity-a look of health and vitality, a disarming smile, an infectious confidence in their plate's wonderful contents, and patience that allows time for shared and savored enjoyment. To our servers, it's not about the plate's contents, it's about maximizing the power of each food-sharing moment.

Put together, hiring TSH Catering is not just about ordering food for an event. It's about tapping into the human power of sharing food.

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