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New Hors D'oeuvres Debut in Style!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

It was a pleasure to invite our industry friends over to our kitchen for a party to kick off the season! A great excuse to get our creative juices flowing, our team put on a beautiful event for some of the people who work so hard for, and with, us!

Guests were welcomed into our reception space, designed by our Event Designer Katie Vitale to look like a chic, urban lounge with gorgeous, linens, flowers and decor. Fresh mojitos, mixed by Sita, were flowing as we mingled and caught up with eachother.

Hos d'oeuvres flowed, as we were all treated to the debut of some delicious, new delicacies created by our Executive Chef, Dave Comprosky. They drew rave reviews from everyone!

As the party started hopping, we spread out into the main kitchen area, which had also been transformed into another cool lounge, complete with new, soft lighting and decor.

Tim, with the assistance of Anna and Dave, was "doing his thing", making people laugh, while putting out a scrumptious display of oysters, cheese and charcuterie.

Our gorgeous, new website, which had been months in the making, was proudly on display on a big screen. Designer Daron Thayer, was on hand to celebrate the end of this big project!

Finally, sweet treats!! Paul brought out silky chocolate pudding, home made chocolate chip cookies and gourmet cotton candy, as the evening came to an end.

All in all, Tim, Paul and I thought it was one of our most beautiful parties ever, entertaining friends and appreciating the talents of our team.

Special thanks to Morgan, Brenda and especially to a very modest and talented member of our team for the beautiful photographs!

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