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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

It's difficult to start spouting tales of gladness during this very trying time. I am very much aware that not everyone is handling the world's problems the same way, and I am trying to be empathetic and respectful of that. I am positive by nature, though, and I am grateful for some things that you might be, too.

How is your house doing? Mine has never been better!!! I have NEVER completed more home improvement projects in my entire life. So much so, that Tim has gifted me my own drill and I am about to set up my own shop in our garage. (If only he could remove the VERY LARGE commercial oven that stands in my way!) Aubuchon Hardware is my "home away from home" and I've got to say I am fascinated by how many tools, parts and solutions there are in there. It is never boring and the people there are so nice and helpful.

My son Jack, who was home for a month on furlough, also painted 98% of the outside of our house by himself! My garden is destroyed due to his size 14 feet, but it really needed to be done and he needed a job! (I say 98% because we pulled him away to visit his Grandma in North Carolina and to also play bass and edit a music video for his brother. More on that later!) Of course, it was so good to see him and to see how much he has matured!! We rarely get that much time with him. Thankfully, he is back in Colorado to a new job working for the Events Team for Aspen Skiing Company, a dream job for him.

Caroline, Tim, Jack, Christiane, and Ben

Our family has had lots of great talks and music listening and jamming sessions on our porch, too. Ben came up from Brooklyn for a few days to coach our daughter Caroline and her band ADH3 at The Music Asylum last week. (Yes, we have another musician in the wings!) My house was full of amps, guitars and various gear, which is how I like it! On Ben's last night here, he gave a Concert Live on Instagram, featuring Jack on bass and me on vocals. (Yes, they wanted Mom to sing. Amazing!) Check it out. It certainly was a highlight of my summer and a great way to perform in quarantine.

Tim, our Partner Paul and our Chef Dave, have had more time off this summer which is good for their health. (Can you imagine how many crazy busy work summers they have had?) We are grateful to have had the opportunity to help our community and essential workers, and of course, for the loans, we have been given. We continue to have a steady pickup business and have seen an increase in small events as well as bookings for large events for next year.

Finally, we are ESPECIALLY SO THANKFUL TO YOU, our loyal customers, who have continuously ordered from our Pickup Menus and have supported us. It is getting us through this unprecedented time, and we will continue to offer a pickup menu on a regular basis as we rebuild our business.

I hope you have experienced some joy, as I have, during this difficult time.

Stay Safe,


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