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Let us take your event to the next level and add a little something extra. Every event you have with Timothy S. Hopkins will be beautifully styled by our very own Katie  Vitale. 

If you are looking for the full package, Katie can take your ideas and turn them into the event of your dreams. From flowers, to tablescapes...Katie will help you with every little detail.

Want to see our work?  Check out our Design Photo Album.

Amazing Design



Need inspiration?  Or do you just want to see some gorgeous photos?


Katie has been with Tim Hopkins for over 12 years and she has always had an incredible eye for design.  Over the years she has worked to establish her design within the company and brings beauty to each event.  She knows that each and every event is brought to life by encompassing all of the senses.  Very few people can start from scratch and create unique and fresh looks, but Katie can truly bring any design you can imagine to life.


Katie lives in her gorgeous home in Ipswich with her husband, two kids and two giant fur babies.  When she is not designing for events (which is pretty much all the time) she is hanging with her family, at Crane Beach or up in Mount Washington.  Katie's passion has always been in Design and she has finally been able to create her own brand to bring beauty and style to your next event.

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Katie Vitalie In Lounge

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